Meet the Doctor

Carol Lockwood, a Highland Park dentist

Meet Our Dentist in Highland Park, Dr. Carol Lockwood

Dr. Carol Lockwood has been practicing on Chicago's North Shore for 21 years. She graduated from Northwestern University Dental School #1 in her 1992 class in clinical patient skills/care.

Formerly a licensed dental hygienist working primarily in prosthodontic (full-mouth reconstruction) and periodontic offices, she "put up her shingle" in 1993. Her dental  practice is in Highland Park in the Optima Building at the corners of First and Laurel Avenues.

In addition to achieving the rank of #1 in her class for her her skills in clinical patient care, she received awards from the American College of Prosthodontics and the American Association of Women Dentists for both excellence in clinical skills and leadership.

She is particularly interested in creating dentistry that is harmonious with the patient's smile, their biology (temporo-mandibular joint) and their supporting structures (gums and bone).

  • How to make your teeth look beautiful, natural and blend in with your other teeth (esthetics)·       
  • How to make your teeth fit and work together (occlusion).
  • How to make your bite comfortable with your jaw joint (TMJ)
  • How to reconstruct your entire mouth (reconstructive dentistry and prosthodontics).

In August 2008, Dr. Lockwood accepted an invitation from Dr. Frank Spear, one of the foremost advanced dental educators in the U.S., to be a charter member of his recently formed Spear Faculty Study Club. Dr. Spear extended this honor to less than 2% of the thousands of dentists he has educated during the past 20 years. ​Click on this link to learn more about her Spear education:

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